The Papastamatopoulos family has been involved in viniculture for over 30 years in the region of Lousika in Achaia Greece.

In 1982 they built a small winery in the area and collaborated with Vasilis Kourtakis to produce table wines and superior quality wines such as Rhodites, Mavrodafne and Moschato Patron.

In 1996 Alex Papastamatopoulos took over the estate and with his wife Martha Pastra they continue the tradition of his father. In 2007 they built a state of the art new winery next to the old one which continues to operate today.

The last 10 years there has been planting and cultivation of new vines (Rhodites, Mavrodafne, Moschatos of Patras, Moschato of Hamburg, Cabernet Sauvignon, Consult) that today cover 300 thousand square meters (74 acres).

The whole production process is certified by Acgrocert ( according to Agro 2.1 and Agro 2.2 standards. These standards define all vine interferences starting with the choice of the best subject down to the vine harvest with smallest possible environmental encumbrance.

The climate in the area is typical Mediterranean, with soft winters and temperatures that seldom go below -2 ºC (28 ºF). The spring and the summer have plenty of sunshine (over 3000 hours), with few rainfalls (100mm) and medium temperatures (between 12 ºC and 30 ºC ‘53 ºF - 86 ºF’). This is also due to the sea aura, the altitude (150-300 meters ‘492- 984 feet’), the slope and composition of the soil which all help in enforcing the certified agricultural management process.

All wines are produced from the privately owned vineyard, in the new state of the art facilities within the vineyard, therefore entitling us legally to use the term “Estate”.